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How To Protect A French Bulldog Against Ticks And Fleas?

Removing ticks from your Frenchie’s fur is definitely not a moment of fun. Not only these parasites look so damn ugly and scary, but they can also transmit different diseases. That’s why we want to reveal to you the answer to the question ‘How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas?’ Fleas are another potential danger to your Frenchie that can turn into a dead-end problem if you don’t treat them on time.

How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas

How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas?

If the ticks or fleas are left untreated on a dog’s skin, they can cause severe diseases. Ticks bury their head and legs into the skin and cause itching and redness that may grow into an infection. On the other hand, fleas cause severe itching because dogs show allergies to their saliva.

Let’s discover what are the signs of these two biggest nightmares for your little gremlin.

The signs of flea infestation in French bulldogs

Seeing your Frenchie biting, scratching, and itching his fur is in most cases the sign of flea infestation. These almost invisible creatures cause not only sharp pain while biting, but they also cause allergy in your French bulldog. Adult fleas are usually 8 inches long. They are very thin and reddish-brown, so it can be very hard to notice them if your dog has the coat in a similar color.

As you already know, fleas jump but the good news is that they don’t stay long on a human’s body. It’s because our bodies are too cold for them to survive. However, we can surely get a few flea bites if our dogs are having them.

How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas

Pay attention to a ‘flea dirt’

You’ve probably heard of ‘flea dirt’. It looks like pepper and you can spot it in your Frenchie’s skin, your dog’s bedding, carpet, and other furniture. In this case, you’ll need to thoroughly clean your home with a vacuum cleaner and ask the vet what type of product to use for spraying the interior. P.S. Don’t forget to throw away the garbage bag from your vacuum cleaner when you finish.

The signs of ticks on French bulldogs

Luckily, or not, ticks are usually not as numerous as fleas. However, if the tick is infected, it can contaminate your Frenchie with one of the following diseases:

Lyme disease– It comes from the deer tick, and can cause stiffness, lameness, loss of appetite, fever, swollen joints, and fatigue. Your dog may not show signs of the disease until several months after infection.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever-  It comes from the American dog tick, the lone star tick, and the wood tick. Symptoms include stiffness, neurological problems, fever, and skin lesions. The illness usually lasts about two weeks, and unfortunately, serious cases could result in death.

 Canine Bartonellosis- The brown dog tick is the main transmitter of this disease.  Symptoms include lameness and fever and if you leave it untreated, it may result in heart or liver disease.

Canine Babesiosis- It occurs due to bites of the American dog tick and the brown dog tick. If you don’t spot it on time, it causes anemia, pale gums, weakness, and vomiting.

How to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas? – the life-saving solutions

The tick treatment may include several options. If you’ve already spotted that your Frenchie’s having a tick on his skin, you need to go to see a vet in order to perform tick removal. It should be done by a professional because if you leave the tick’s head or legs, there is a risk of getting an infection.

When we talk about tick prevention, different anti-tick and flea shampoos may help. There is also a preventative vaccination that may decrease the risk of getting ticks. On the other hand, fleas can also be prevented by using different products. Besides applying anti-flea oil, you can also try different powders.

However, since the Frenchies have sensitive skin, you need to pay attention when choosing a specific product. Artificial colors and ingredients may cause only the opposite effects if your Frenchie acts sensitively to different elements. If you notice that your dog shows unusual behavior, then the product you’re using doesn’t suit his skin. In that case, you should discontinue use immediately and give you Frenchie antihistamines oral therapy.

As one of the best options to prevent your French bulldog from ticks and fleas, I want to mention using anti-tick and flea collars. The following collars I tried on my Frenchie and I certainly claim they work.

By using the following tick and flea collar, your Frenchie will be able to freely spend time outside without showing any signs of allergies on the collar ingredients. The package consists of two adjustable collars. They are waterproof, so your dog will be able even to swim with this collar on.

Another French bulldog collar that will keep your pet safe from these ugly creatures is the collar that is rich in natural herbal repellents such as citronella oil, peppermint essential oil, and lemon essential oil. It comes with 2 collars in a pack and provides up to 8 months of protection.

When putting this type of collar on your dog’s neck, you need to leave the space for 2 fingers under the collar when it’s around the dog’s neck. Cut off any excess length of collar to prevent your dog from chewing on it.