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How To Keep Your French Bulldog Safe From Thieves?

Thinking about your dog’s safety is one of the most responsible tasks of every owner. Unfortunately, dognapping has become a common occurrence in the last few years. Dogs can be stolen because of the high market price or because the purebred pooches can be sold to pet stores, other breeders, and puppy mills. How to keep your French bulldog safe from thieves is one of the most important questions to reveal. In our daily lives, we all take care of our precious and valuable possessions. And, unfortunately, our four-legged friends have also become targets of thieves.

french bulldog kidnapping

Dognapping- How To Keep Your Frenchie Safe?

Statistics show that more than 2 million dogs are stolen every year. Dognapping has become a lucrative and fast business for unscrupulous people who want to earn easy money. When we talk about French bulldogs, they belong to the group of the most expensive dogs in the world. For that very reason, many Frenchies end up in the hands of thieves who use them for further breeding in puppy mills or resell them for a high amount of money. That’s why you should always keep an eye on your dog when you take him outside for a walk.

What is a dog flipping?

Dog flipping is the name for the type of dognapping. It can be described as a situation when someone steals the dog from the owner’s home, and then claims to be a lost dog’s owner, or gets a dog from a shelter. As you can guess, those dogs end up being resold which is the way to make a quick profit.

Tips to keep your French bulldog safe from thieves:

  • Never keep your Frenchie off-leash. Unleashed pooches are often being targets of thieves. If you want to perform special training lessons or your dog wants to release the pent-up energy, my advice is to use your or your friend’s yard.
  • Never leave your dog unattended outdoors. There is a possibility for dognapping even when you leave your Frenchie unleashed in your yard. Not even the fence will stop someone from his bed intentions.
  • Let your dog always carry a collar with an ID tag. ID tags serve to carry your dog’s important info such as his name, your address, and your phone number. Therefore, even when your dog has not been kidnapped, there’s a possibility for a dog to run away.
  • The following Personalized French Bulldog ID Tag is easy to attach to every collar or harness, it’s made of metal and it can carry all the essential info about your pet.


french bulldog kidnapping

  • French bulldog collars with engraved buckles are also practical items that will make your dog safe outdoors. The metal buckle on the following Personalized Engraved Frenchie Collar can carry the dog’s name and the owner’s phone number. ID tags are required by law, and they’re must-have items to wear in public places.

french bulldog kidnapping

  • Getting a microchip is over-needed. It’s the best option to get your dog back in case of being stolen.
  • Never leave your dog to wait for you in the car. It can easily attract dog thieves especially if you visit certain places often.
  • Does your dog have a birthmark? Memorize your Frenchie’s birthmark or consider ensuring him with a small tattoo.
  • Train your Frenchie not to walk from your sight on strolls.
  • Beware of strangers who are interested to know something more about your Frenchie. Don’t allow strangers to take the photo of your pet or to ask you details about his genes.