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How Long Do French Bulldogs Live? Revealed

If you are planning to buy a French bulldog, then you are probably curious to find out How long do French bulldogs live? You’ve probably heard lots of stories about these furry gremlins and their tendency to suffer from different health issues. That’s why is very important to buy a Frenchie puppy from a trusted and reliable breeder. On the other hand, the lifespan of your French bulldog will also depend on many other factors.

how long do french bulldog puppies live

How long do French bulldogs live?

Standard-sized French bulldogs can live up to 15 years which is a really great number for a small dog breed. When we talk about mini Frenchies, they have a bit shorter lifespans (from 10-12 years). There are also other factors to consider in order to ‘determine’ your dog’s life expectancy.

For example, if you adopted an abandoned Frenchie, you may expect that your little pooch will suffer from a number of health issues in the future. Such dogs often didn’t have proper care and nutrition and have been produced in kennels of irresponsible breeders.

Overproduction of Frenchie puppies often leads them to suffer from hip dysplasia, allergies, and many other health issues. Since Frenchie dams have small bellies, it’s best when there are 2-3 puppies per pregnancy. In that way, they’ll have enough space to properly develop. A breeder who is trying to manage 4-5 puppies at once shouldn’t be trusted.

how long do french bulldogs live

How to Keep Your Frenchie Healthy?

Beyond choosing the right breeder for your French bulldog puppy, you also need to provide a dog with proper care and nutrition. When choosing a diet for a Frenchie, it’s essential to feed it with a well-balanced menu that will have a good ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and antioxidants serve to improve a dog’s immune system and to keep their hair shiny and smooth.

Feeding your Frenchie with fresh fruits and veggies will mean a lot for his/her health. You can use them as occasional treats or when preparing a homemade meal for your pooch. In case you still haven’t chose a diet for your Frenchie, I suggest you read the list of the best dog food brands to feed your Frenchie.

The next step presents choosing the right cosmetics such as shampoo and paw balm. Regular nail trimming is also essential to improve the dog’s mobility and prevent him/her from ingrown nails.

Wrapping up

Since it’s impossible to exactly determine how long do French bulldogs live, the only thing you can do as an owner is to give your batpig a lot of love and care. In that way, you’ll not only improve but will also extend his/her lifespan. French bulldogs are like kids. They are playful and require a lot of attention. They are curious creatures and like to put their noses and paws into everyone’s business. To prevent them from chewing on home items, it would be great to have dog toys to keep them entertained.

Therefore, in case you are planning to own a Frenchie, my advice is to make sure your puppy gets all the vaccinations. They are extremely important to build a dog’s immune system and save them from further illnesses.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that buying a Frenchie at a cheap price is certainly not a good solution. This breed requires a special way of breeding. Reliable breeders invest a lot of money and effort to produce quality Frenchie puppies. Besides Frenchie dams go through artificial insemination, they also need a C section to deliver puppies.