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How Often Do French Bulldogs Poop?

french bulldogs poop

One of the first things every dog owner does when brings a puppy home is teaching it to go for a potty. There are plenty of things you need to keep an eye on when owning this breed. Besides taking care of its diet and performing regular hygiene, having a healthy potty habit is essential too. It’s one of the greatest tasks for living a healthy life. How often do French bulldogs poop is the question I often get from my clients. Since there is no set rule on how many times a day should dog go to the toilet, there are plenty of facts to consider. So, let’s start.

french bulldogs poop

How often do French bulldogs poop? What does it depend on?

Your Frenchie’s number of stools may depend on several factors. The first one is a dog’s age. Young puppies tend to have frequent stools, sometimes even five a day. It much depends on its appetite. So, if a puppy eats a lot, it will have more stools.

french bulldogs poop

What about your French bulldog’s personality?

Another fact to consider is a puppy’s energy level. A dog that likes to run around and chase will burn more energy, eat more and will have a faster metabolism. Just like in humans, dogs ’toilet habits’ will depend on these facts.

The last thing that can affect a dog’s number of poops is the diet. If a French bulldog eats a diet rich in fibers, then it will probably have a larger

number of stools. Ingredients such as fruits and veggies help with constipation, so it’s advisable to be careful when including it into a dog’s diet. A few slices of apples will leave lots of beneficial effects on your Frenchie’s digestive system and will boost its immune system.

are french bulldogs smart

What about your Frenchie’s diet?

A diet should be well-balanced and to have a good proportion of proteins and carbohydrates. Young puppies require a high calory diet because of the growth. Eating food rich in vitamins and minerals will help your pup not only to develop healthily but will also help in improving its immune system. Since Frenchies are prone to allergies, eating healthy ingredients will mean a lot for a dog’s quality of the skin. Many studies have shown the importance of effects when a Frenchie eats meals rich in Omega 3 and 6 oils, and antioxidants.

According to hundreds of vets’ opinions, the proteins should be included from 50- 75 % until Frenchie’s first year of life. When a dog becomes an adult the number of proteins should be present in at least 1/3 of a dog’s meal. Choosing the right diet will also depend on your dog’s digestive system. While some Frenchies show allergy or intolerance to grains, others may react to dairy products and eggs. In both cases, it’s always better to pick food that is free of artificial ingredients and by-products. They’re one of the most common allergy triggers in this breed.

french bulldogs poop

Determining your Frenchie’s poop schedule

It might be difficult to determine how often should French bulldogs poop. That’s why it’s advisable to start with the potty training from a dog’s 6th week of life. However, for performing a successful potty training, the pup should first learn where its crate is. Dogs are den animals that consider crates for their safe and clean places. Therefore, it’s recommended to teach a Frenchie both where is the place to go to the toilet and where is the place for sleeping.

When to use potty pads?

Potty pads can help you in the first weeks when you bring a puppy home. I recommend all my clients to set them in a quiet and safe place in the house where a dog will have some privacy. The crucial fact is not to remove the pad if a dog went there only to pee. In that way, the smell will attract and help him/her to determine where is the place to have a potty too.

Consider the weather conditions

Another thing to consider when teaching a Frenchie to go to potty is the climate of the area where you live. If there is harsh weather and your French bulldog is still not used to it, my advice is to keep the walks short. Wearing warm and protective clothing is also recommended to prevent it from hypothermia. French bulldogs act sensitively to both hot and cold temperatures. Therefore, it’s one of the tasks to consider.

When we talk about choosing the timing to go for a potty, it’s important to always stick to the same schedule. In that way, a dog will memorize the timing and set his belly to the schedule. Younger puppies require going outside four or five times a day. On the other hand, adult dogs require going out 3 times a day (morning, after lunch, before sleeping). During summertime, the number of potties can be increased. It’s because Frenchies require drinking plenty of water to escape dehydration.

Observe your Frenchie’s body language

You’ll know when it’s the time to go to the toiled by observing your Frenchie’s behavior. Some dogs may whine and wait for you in front of the door, while others will nervously walk from room to room.


How to know if French bulldogs poop looks normal?

Well, looking at your Frenchie’s poop is surely not the glamorous part of owning this breed. However, it can tell a lot about a dog’s overall health. The color of Frenchie’s poop may vary from brown to golden. It should be a little firm in consistency and not have any traces of blood. A healthy stool should not have a coating on it at all and not to be sticky like a glue.

In some cases, French bulldogs poop may be green in color as well. It indicates that your dog eats grass to ease the upset belly. If the stool is yellow, then you should consider checking the dog’s liver or gallbladder. Small white spots don’t bring good news. They are the sign that a dog is having worms.

Talking about French bulldog’s poop is not a popular subject that we enjoy talking about. However, by observing all the previously mentioned facts and tips, you’ll certainly help your Frenchie to live a healthy life.