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French Bulldog Weight and Growth! Everything You Need To Know

french bulldog weight

Do you think that getting a Frenchie puppy will be your best life decision? Widely famous for their cheerful and affectionate natures, French bulldogs proudly take a high 4th position in homes all over the USA. They’re also known as one of the best dogs for apartment-living conditions due to their small size and low energy levels. However, have you ever wondered how big they can get and what is the recommended French bulldog weight? They might be small in size but are also prone to obesity. That’s why the owners of these pooches should pay special attention to their training, activity, and calorie intake.

french bulldog weight

How much should my Frenchie weigh?

If you own a show dog, then your French bulldog weight should be kept within the AKC’s recommended limits. Besides following the rules of general appearance and proportions, your furry friend’s weight should not exceed 28 pounds. While French bulldog weight is much affected by their genes, environmental factors can be also one of the culprits of your dog’s appearance. Depending on the owner’s lifestyle, commitment, and diet you’re feeding your Frenchie, your pooch will grow faster or slower.

Buying a French bulldog puppy from the right breeder will also play an important role in expecting the dog’s final shape and size. Even though no one can guarantee you the mature size of your dog, observing the dog’s parents’ weight, health, and bone structure can give us certain results.

Note that buying a Frenchie at a pet store or from a puppy mill will not be a smart choice. Those dogs are often on a higher tendency to suffer from health problems such as hip dysplasia, allergies, narrow nostrils, and many others. Besides, a Frenchie mother who’s carrying more puppies than she can physically handle will often deliver runts and stillborn puppies. Therefore, performing regular health checks and ultrasound is essential in case your dam is expecting puppies. Besides, a pregnant French bulldog should eat a healthy diet, and take supplements to promote the healthy development of puppies.

How big is a full-grown French bulldog?

A male French bulldog weight should range between 20-28 lbs while a female French bulldog weight should range between 17-24 lbs. Although males weigh more, both females and males are around the same height. The following chart shows the expected height of Frenchies during certain age:


French bulldog age          French bulldog Height

3 months                                  4 – 6 inches

6 months                                  7 – 9 inches

9 months                                 10 – 11 inches

1 year                                        11 – 13 inches


Frenchies become fully grown between their 8th to 12th months of age. They usually grow fast until the 9th month, and then slow down growth and take on a final shape up to the 15th month of age. Depending on your dog’s activity level, diet, and training, your furry friend will continue to build muscles and improve strength.

Can a French bulldog weigh 40 pounds?

As we already mentioned, a healthy Frenchie adult usually weighs up to 28 pounds. French bulldogs who weigh about 40 pounds are not necessarily obese. Every dog is different and carries different genes. In other words, some dogs will grow faster and might weigh more at a certain age. However, it’s healthier for Frenchies to keep their weights within recommended limits. Every Frenchie in good shape should have visible muscular built of heavy bone. It should have clearly defined hips and front and hind legs. If your little gremlin looks too rounded, then he/she needs more activity and switching to a low-calorie diet. Heavy breathing and a dog’s inability to scratch the ear are also some of the signs that will show you if your French bulldog is overweight.

french bulldog weight

Are there different sizes of French bulldogs?

Yes, Frenchies are available in standard, mini, and micro sizes. Smaller dogs are usually higher in price because they require a special way of breeding. Since breeders need to carefully select the smallest puppies from the litter for further breeding, creating a perfect micro or a mini French bulldog takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

Besides, rare colored Frenchies are also higher in price than standard-colored Frenchies. Lilac, merle, and blue French bulldogs are some of the most popular colors of French bulldogs whose prices go up to 15.000,00 $.