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French Bulldog VS Pug- Who is a better pet?

french bulldog vs pug

Are you still having a dilemma what dog breed to choose for your family? Well, it’s probably a tough decision especially if you find equally cute French bulldog and Pug. That’s why we decided to make an in-depth guide and compare French bulldog VS Pug.

French bulldog Vs Pug- Which one to choose for your home?

If we have a look at the features of these two breeds, we will notice that they look very similar even though Frenchies have erected ears. They both have brachycephalic skulls and wrinkled faces and belong to companion dog breeds.

french bulldog vs pug

French bulldog VS Pug- the history of two breeds

Despite the fact they look so similar at first glance, Frenchies and Pugs actually have different origins. The Pug is older than a Frenchie and its roots go back to ancient times. They have originated from China around 700 years BC. They were bred to serve as lovely companions of royal dynasties, so if we compare them with Frenchies, they definitely had more luck.

In the 16th century, Pugs became popular in Western Europe, in the House of Orange of the Netherlands. They also were popular pets in the House of Stuart in the UK. In the 19th century, Queen of Victoria showed a passion for these pooches and decided to pass the tradition of keeping these pets.

French bulldogs’ history reveals that these little pooches served as companions but to Nottingham lacemakers. Therefore, they didn’t enjoy luxury life as their similar-looking fellows. French bulldog VS Pug history tells us that these two breeds have nothing in common when we talk about their roots. Frenchies came from England, and thanks to lace workers, they later emigrated to France.

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French bulldog VS Pug Personality

If we compare French bulldog vs Pug personality, we will find out that both breeds act very friendly toward other dogs and people. Just like Frenchies, Pugs belong to lapdogs that like to sit in their owners’ laps rather than going to strolls.

Both breeds don’t bark much and make kind and gentle friendships with kids of all ages. They easily fit different types of environments but should not be left alone for a long period of time. That’s how they may develop a condition called dog separation anxiety. Since they are companion dogs, they make strong bonds with their owners.

French bulldog VS Pug Size

Both pooches belong to small-sized dogs, but if we compare them in detail, Frenchies are stockier, have bigger heads, and a higher percentage of muscle mass. In comparison with Pugs, French bulldog’s size leads. Pugs weigh between 14-18 pounds, while Frenchies weigh between 16-28 pounds. When we talk about their height French bulldog VS Pug are the same in height.

French bulldog VS Pug appearance

French bulldog appearance:

  • French bulldog tail: French bulldog doesn’t have a tail. Instead of tails, it has tail pockets.
  • French bulldog ears: They have erected, bat-shaped ears.
  • French bulldog head: These pooches have square heads and flat muzzles.
  • French bulldog colors: Frenchie’s coat comes in a wide variety of colors. Besides regular colors, they also come in Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Merle and Isabella colors that are otherwise known as Rare French bulldog colors.

Pug appearance:

  • Pug tail: Pugs have curled and short tails. The double curl is perfection according to the AKC.
  • Pug ears: These little frogs have flopped ears like English bulldogs.
  • Pug head: Unlike Frenchies, Pugs have round heads. They also have brachycephalic skulls and unlike Frenchies, their eyes can be only black in color.
  • Pug colors: Pugs have fawn and black combination of the coat. Their coat is also thicker.

french bulldog vs pug

French bulldog VS Pug training

When we talk about the training lessons, Frenchies definitely win the race! They are considered for more intelligent pooches that easier learn house break routines and other tricks as well. Both pooches are stubborn, but Pugs are definitely not in a mood to spend plenty of time on training lessons.

French bulldog VS Pug Health issues

Since these two breeds have brachycephalic skulls, they are on a higher tendency to suffer from hypothermia and overheating. Despite Pugs have thicker coats, they also require wearing clothes in cold weather just like Frenchies.

Breeding of these two breeds is quite difficult because they both have narrow hips. In other words, they need to go through artificial insemination and pregnant bitches must deliver puppies by going through C-section surgery.

Other health issues that may occur in Pugs and Frenchies are allergies. Thanks to their shortened nostrils, these pooches often suffer from environmental allergies. Allergens that can cause itchiness, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes are usually pollen, dust, mites, and molds.

Wrapping up

We all agree that these two breeds have many features in common despite they come from different parts of the World. In case you’ve decided that a lovely Frienchie or a playful Pug should become your next pet, we advise you to carefully choose a breeder. A trusted breeder should ensure you that the dog is cleared from all potential genetic diseases. Read our article about French bulldog puppies for sale to discover the tips to keep in mind when buying a pet.