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French Bulldog Shaking- Reasons and Solutions

One of the most important tasks of every dog owner is to daily observe his pet’s body language and notice any change on time. French bulldog shaking can be one of the occurrences that can scare you at first. However, it can often be a sign of minor issues that can be solved easily.

french bulldog shaking

What are the main reasons for French bulldog shaking?

French bulldog shaking can occur due to several reasons. The first and the most common reason can be the cold weather. Frenchies can shake and shiver when we take them outside in the winter because they are incapable to maintain their optimal body temperature.

Another reason for French bulldog shaking can be caused by stress. French bulldogs belong to companion breeds, so they can find it very heartbreaking to spend time alone. They adore being surrounded by people and stay involved in every activity of their family members. A stressful situation can also be triggered by the sound of a storm, fireworks, and other sudden and unpleasant noises.

The third reason for your Frenchie’s shaking can be caused by his/her happiness and excitement. Every dog likes to see his owner entering the house, so moments of greets can be filled with an emotional overload.

Old age and certain physical discomforts are the 4th reason for your French bulldog shaking. Loss of cartilage and muscle atrophy are common health conditions that occur in old dogs. Therefore, the French bulldog’s leg shaking can be facilitated by using certain supplements such as chondroitin.

french bulldog shaking

How to treat French bulldog shaking?

If you’ve determined the main trigger of your dog’s shaking behavior, you will be halfway to solving the problem.

French bulldog anxiety or fear

French bulldog’s anxiety is a disorder that can be followed by a dog’s shaking and trembling. Therefore, if you suspect that your dog suffers from anxiety or separation anxiety, it’s essential to talk to a dog behavior specialist. A behavior specialist will determine the severity of the case and tell you what steps to take. To prevent your dog from such a condition, I advise you to gradually teach him to spend time alone. It will help you both build a healthy relationship full of confidence.

Hypothermia in French bulldogs

When you take your Frenchie outside in the winter, it’s essential to dress him in protective clothing. These little gremlins can easily catch a cold because of their flat skulls and thin coats. So, if you see your Frenchie shaking next time you take him on a stroll in the winter, make sure he wears enough layers. Besides wearing a thick French bulldog jacket, your pet should wear protective dog boots as well.

french bulldog shaking


If your dog gets too excited during playing or he goes crazy every time he sees you at the front door, it can cause him to shake. To prevent your dog from behaving like that, It’s important to change your body language as well. You should calm your pet by being relaxed and not showing too much emotion.


French bulldog arthritis and loss of cartilage due to age could be the reasons for your dog’s shaking. Therefore, consult with your vet and try to find the best way to help your four-legged friend. Many dogs have shown a noticeable improvement after using CBD oil and CBD treats.






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