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French Bulldog Food – How To Know What’s Right For Your Dog?

french bulldog food

We all know that most dog owners feed their dogs with dry kibble or canned food. Since we live fast lives, they seem like the quickest option for you but not always the best for your Frenchie. While cats are strict carnivores, dogs can also enjoy eating grains, fruits, and veggies. To make sure that you’ve made the right choice for your pet, we decided to provide you with the tips that will help you know what is the best French bulldog food.

French Bulldog raw diet

French bulldog food- How to choose the right one?

French bulldog breed is one of a kind. They don’t only possess iconic appearances but also delight us with their huge hearts and lively personalities. Even though we can say 100 words of praise, we also need to note a few not-so-great facts about these dogs.

French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from stomach bloating, and digestive issues due to their brachycephalic skulls. This feature makes them prone to choking and literally ‘eating the air’ during meals. Therefore, their owners should pay special attention to their nutritional needs and should choose Anti-choke feeding bowls that will make them ear slowlier.

french bulldog bowl

Well-balanced nutrition will mean a lot to your dog’s health and will decrease their digestive issues.

Rules to follow when choosing the best French bulldog food

One of the most important parts of being a French bulldog owner is to carefully read the label on the back of dry kibble or canned food. It will relieve you of the percentage of meat, veggies, and grains. The type of food varies per dog and age, and when buying food for Frenchies, you should highly avoid the following ingredients:

  • Artificial colors
  • Chicken meat (some dogs tolerate chicken file without skin)
  • By-product ( animal organs such as skin, liver, heart, ears)
  • Avoid dry kibble or canned food with a written sign ‘flavor of’. It’s a clear sign that such food is rich in artificial ingredients.
  • Avoid buying dry kibble that is rich in plant-based proteins. Commercial dry kibble should be rich in real meat proteins
  • Soy, corn, and other grains in large amounts can cause your dog’s skin to become itchy
  • Pork
  • Eggs (eggshell is alloved)

french bulldog food

Why is it important not to buy such food for your Frenchie?

Rendering is one of the processing methods of sanitizing otherwise inedible animal by-products and animal waste. Many ingredients in pet food today are from rendering plants, so even though you have just read that your dog’s favorite dry kibble contains a high percentage of proteins, I recommend you to read it twice before buying it.

When we talk about other nutrients in the kibble, it’s important to mention that many of them are lost during the high-heat process. Dog food producers often use different types of acrylamide and other carcinogens that leave a bad effect on your dog’s health.

Other ingredients such as high-starch carbohydrates and grains can create not only obesity, but also stressful insulin, cortisol, and glucagon. Even grain-free food can contain starchy carbs that are not recommended for Frenchies with a tendency to allergies.

Therefore, if you’ve noticed that your French bulldog’s skin became itchy, it’s high time to switch him to a different diet.

Meat is very important for our dogs because their wolf ancestors are carnivores. Their teeth, gut, and digestive physiology strongly support eating raw meat, so choosing a raw diet for your French bulldog would be a great choice. A raw diet includes uncooked meat, fresh veggies, and fruits, or minimally processed ingredients that can provide a beneficial effect on your dog’s overall health. Every dog is naturally predisposed to eat raw food, so this shouldn’t be a concern for you.

Why choose the BARF French bulldog diet?

Also known as the BARF diet, the raw diet allows you to carefully choose ingredients for your dog. Every dog needs fresh and healthy proteins and vitamins to grow into a healthy pet. During the period of growth, it’s essential to feed them with food rich in proteins and calcium that will help their bone to become strong. Besides, vets also recommend diets rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids because they support skin elasticity, brain, and eye function.

By feeding your Frenchie with a minimally processed diet, he will experience:

  • Fresher breath, cleaner teeth
  • Smoother coat
  • Healthy skin
  • He will be less prone to allergies
  • He will be less stinky
  • Fewer farts and painful bloating
  • Calm energy
  • More muscular build
  • He will be less prone to obesity

french bulldog food

French bulldog food – Wrapping up

As a responsive dog owner, you surely want your Frenchie to stay by your side for many years. That’s why we recommend you to invest in his diet, because it might cost you more in the present but will cost you less in the future. Going raw with your Frenchie will show an improvement to every aspect of his life.