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What Are The Best French Bulldog Brushes?

french bulldog brushes

Finding the right French bulldog brushes might sound challenging because, unlike many other small dog breeds, Frenchies have a single layer of coat. This feature makes them shed less, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t brush them regularly. These are some useful tips that can help you choose the best brush for your Frenchie.

french bulldog hair loss

What are the best French bulldog brushes?

When choosing the brush for your Frenchie’s coat, it’s essential to know which one will make your dog comfortable and pleasant during grooming. You certainly don’t want to choose a brush that will scratch the skin. Since French bulldogs have short and thin coats, you don’t have to use hard grooming brushes. Dogs with longer hair require using brushes with double pins that will penetrate deep into the coat. Luckily, your Frenchie doesn’t need them, so the grooming process will be less messy and will last shorter.

By regularly brushing your Frenchie’s coat and cleaning folds, you’ll help him release dander, dirt, dust, allergens, and dead hair. Besides, it also helps in distributing natural skin oils that improve the coat’s appearance. We also need to note that not only bathing can help a Frenchie to smell better. Grooming removes dander and debris that is often one of the main culprits for your dog’s bad scent.

Types of French bulldog brushes

  • Rubber bristles

Brushes with soft rubber or silicone bristles represent one of the first items you can use on your puppy’s coat. Since puppies’ coats are soft and silky, using brushes and gloves with rubber pins will help you collect loose hair and dander.

  • Pin brushes

Brushes with long pins are often associated with long-haired dogs. However, they are all made to gently comb the dog’s hair and can be used on dogs with different types of coats. Dog brushes with pins usually feature a protective covering that will prevent your pooch from cuts and abrasions.

Top 5 picks of French bulldog brushes

Silicone Frenchie brush glove

Silicone gloves are not only coat-friendly. They also provide a pleasant massage and you can use it on Frenchies from their very young age. The mesh fabric is pleasant to the skin, while the elastic band around the wrist will keep the glove fit properly to the hand. Soft silicone pins will gently collect the debris, dander and hair, and after you finish the process, you can clean it with water.

french bulldog brushes

French Bulldog Massage Hair Remover

This is one of the best French bulldog brushes for older pooches and it is recommended to use it during the shedding season.
The metal pins feature a protective coating that won’t harm the skin. It is available in two colors, and the pins are angled for better reaching.
french bulldog brushes

French Bulldog Shower Brush

If you want to keep your house clean and save your time in grooming the dog’s hair, then this is the brush of your dreams. The French Bulldog Shower Brush is convenient to use during baths and it features pleasant and gentle silicone pins. You just need to add your French bulldog’s shampoo,  soak the dog’s fur, and start with gently rubbing.

french bulldog brushes

French Bulldog Grooming Glove

Another brush you can use on your Frenchie is this grooming glove with eco-friendly silicone pins. You can use it on your Frenchie to clean matted hair and dander, as well as to provide him with a relaxing massage. It is especially suitable for pooches that don’t like brushing.

frenchie brushes

French Bulldog Grooming Tool– Furminator for French bulldogs

Dog furminators are recommended to use during the shedding season. They usually feature stainless steel edges that help you remove all the dead hair without hurting the dog. You can also use it on Frenchies with sensitive skin and there is a button on the top that helps you release the stuck hair inside the tool. Since it has an ergonomic handle, this furminator won’t slip and will help you reach all the places on your pet’s body.