It is a well known fact that French Buldogs are first and fore most companion dogs. It is because they are sociable, loving, funny and not only they love their owners, but they get along well with other animals in the household as well. Unlike some other dog breeds who don’t mind being left alone for hours, Frenchies are very emotionally attached to their owners and miss them when they are away for two long. That is why, if you live alone or you have a family, but they all spend a lot of time away from home, you should consider getting another Frenchie or at least another dog, to keep your beloved pet company, while you are not at home. Here are some pros and cons to this idea.

Companionship and socialization
The positive side of having another dog in your household is that your pet will always have company, which should prevent some behavioral issues. If you have a demanding career and work long hours, getting another dog will definitely make you feel less uncomfortable and guilty when you have to go to work and leave your French Bulldog alone and lonely. No dogs love to be left alone and they will certainly express it in some way. Some will even bark, howl, be restless or scratch the doors and bite the furniture as a sign of protest. Two dogs, on the other hand, will play with each other and you will kill two flies with one strike. Your dog will no longer be bored and he will have a friend to stimulate him and keep him active. Having a companion can also eliminate separation anxiety permanently and there will no longer be need for destructive behavior such as pacing, excessive barking, digging and chewing furniture, which are all related to loneliness and lack of stimulation. From the socialization stand point, already having one dog in the household when you introduce another pet will help him adjust to new environment and contribute to new puppy’s emotional development and help him learn how to deal with people and animals.

Canine role models
This has it’s good sides as well as the bad ones, depending on both dog’s characters. It would be good for dogs to balance each others features and behaviors and not push the other one to extremes and expressing his flaws. For example, if one dog lacks confidence and tends to be shy and fearful, a dog that is confident, playful and out going will help him become more of all that. On the other hand, if you have two dogs that are both shy, anxious, or they are both aggressive, there will be no one to balance the situation and they will keep reinforcing each others bad qualities. In other words, they will encourage the other dog to act the same way they are acting. So, at least one of them has to be well behaved, properly socialized and obedient.

Benefits for humans
Well, if one dog is beneficial for your mental and emotional health, than two dogs are twice as beneficial, right? Studies have shown that owning a dog reduces stress, decreases your blood pressure and cholesterol and it also reduces the risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. Having two dogs will make your home more warm, loving and comfortable and cuddling or simply laying in bed with your furry little friends is the best anti-stress treatment after a long, hard day at work. As owner of two dogs, you will also have more obligations, such as taking them for a walk and to a vet. It will also give you a chance to interact with other pet owners more than you used to, meet new interesting people and exchange experience and some useful advice.

The bad sides…
The only thing to keep in mind is what we already mentioned, when you are introducing another dog into your household, make sure that both dogs are compatible and that they don have any destructive habits and tendencies, so that you don’t end up with “double trouble”. It is advisable that you stay at home with your dogs until you are completely sure that they got used to each other and they will get along well. Once that period of adjustment is over and you know they will be just fine left alone at home, you can go on doing your business without worrying about how your absence will affect your French Bulldogs. Find a good breeder and ask him about socialization of their French Bulldog puppies