French Bulldog is the perfect pet. His physical characteristics make him adoptable to apartment and house conditions, as well as farms and country side, as long as the weather is not too hot. He is also very “practical” and low-maintenance, because of his relatively small size, short coat and low exercise needs. In addition to all that, he has a lovely personality. He is smart, affectionate, playful, very loving and attached to members of your family and yet again very polite and non-aggressive to strangers and other animals.
On the other hand, nothing in the world is perfect and all dog breeds have their little flaws and quirks. That is why I always advice future pet owners to do the research about the breed they are interested in buying or adopting. You need to make sure that it is the right dog for you and your family. Otherwise, there might be trouble. You might realize you can’t meet your dog’s needs and you will have to find him a new owner or leave him at the shelter, or- if you decide to keep him in spite of that, you might realize it will take too much work taking care of him and adjusting your schedule to your dog’s needs.

Now, here is what the full French Bulldog package comes with. Advantages:
Did I say he has lovely personality? Yes, he does! He is absolutely adorable, physically and mentally! Those bat ears, loving round eyes and smushed in wrinkly face make them so cute and their clownish behavior and playfulness make them great for families with children. This is the dog that will bring joy and happiness into your home and your life. Ask any French bulldog owner- he will tell you the same thing. That is one of the main reasons they are so popular.

They are especially popular in big cities, because, as we said- they have perfect size and needs for apartment conditions.

Low-maintenance. Average Frenchie is very clean, has short hair, doesn’t shed much and his grooming comes down to washing him twice a month and clipping his nails from time to time.

Low exercise needs. French Bulldog is not very athletic. He normally needs a relatively short walk once or twice a day, depending on his energy level and fitness and a game of fetch from time to time. One more plus- he loves to play fetch and chase balls!

He is very polite and generally doesn’t bark very much. He is usually nice to strangers, kids or other pets you might introduce him to.

We could go on with French Bulldog’s positive characteristics, but these are his basic features. Now, he also has some less charming traits. These are the main few ones:

Potential health problems. Because of his short nose, as all similar breeds, he has trouble regulating body temperature. That is why he is sensitive to very hot weather. He is also a bad swimmer and sometimes can have allergies. These are all problems that can be avoided by proper habits.

He is a regular sound machine! This one-dog-orchestra is charming to some people and irritating to others and the variety of his acoustics includes snorting, snuffling, wheezing, snoring, some slobbering and farting. Yup, you‘ve heard me well! Because of his short nose he has a tendency of swallowing air when drinking water and all that air has to go somewhere, right? But look at this from a positive perspective- owning a French Bulldog you will never have to worry about that awkward moment of silence when the guests arrive, because he is always producing some inspiring sound effects.

He can be stubborn and might take a bit more time housebreaking, but this is not a trait that is reserved only for Frenchies, but many other dogs as well.

High cost. French Buldogs are a bit more expensive than most breeds, because he is very hard to reproduce. Nine out of ten times the female has to be artificially inseminated and delivers the puppies through a cesarean section. That means a lot of vet bills and they also come in very small litters.

Now that you know all this, you might be more decisive of what kind of dog you want and need. And remember- these are only some main characteristics of the breed and the potential your puppy comes with. But every dog is unique and individual. If you want to be sure of what your dog’s character will be like, there is nothing wrong with getting an adult dog. That way you already know what to expect, so there will be no unbearding surprises for you or your pet.