The good news is- Frenchies were bred to be indoor companion animals! This in other words means they are not meant to be working dogs and they are not suited for intense exercise or any other intense physical activity. French Bulldog is a perfect pet, very loving, loyal and loves to spend time with his owners. So, if you prefer spending your spare time with your family and pets, just laying around, cuddling and enjoying each others company, French Bulldog is your kind of dog! If you want a dog you can take with you during your morning jogging or a bike ride, or you have hyperactive children and therefore you need a pet that can catch up with their energy, chase them and play with them all day long, you should consider some other dog breed.

French Bulldog is also an ideal pet for apartment conditions, because he doesn’t need much space, he doesn’t shed much, has relatively low exercise needs, he is easy to groom and feed.
One of the things most new French Bulldog owners want to know is how they will along with other animals and children. They are generally playful and good with children as long as they are not hyperactive. Because of their short noses, they have trouble regulating their body temperature and they don’t do very well in hot climate. Since they are sensitive to hot and humid weather, playing outside with children for longer period of time can lead to overheating, rapid breathing and heat related stress. That is why it is best they play inside and you should never leave them outside to play unattended.

It is always preferable to introduce your French Bulldog with children at a very young age. That way he will have time to get used to them. Otherwise, some grown up Frenhies can feel a bit irritated by certain children’s behavior, such as teasing, tail and ear pulling, knocking or other careless treatments, but then again- who wouldn’t be irritated by that!?
French Bulldogs usually get along well with other dogs, cats and pets. They rarely physically attack other pets or animals and that also can be avoided if they are introduced at a very young age. They are normally not aggressive, but since they love to have your undivided attention, they can express some level of jealousy. That never goes too far and can actually be very cute and charming.

When it comes to living with other dogs, French Bulldogs are generally not troublemakers. Sometimes, they can express certain level of aggression towards dogs of the same sex. Some level of rivalry is normal I guess… But even that occurs only when they are provoked or feel threatened. However, it rarely escalates to more than barking and growling. It is always recommendable to supervise your dogs’ interaction with other dogs or new household members until you know how he will react to them.

My general advice is to introduce your Frenchie with other pets and kids while he is young, respect their boundaries, treat them well and they will all get along just fine.