If you are interested in French Bulldog history, the first thing you should know is they originate from England, not France! “Frenchies” were first bred in Nottingham in 1800s by lace makers who wanted to create a small, miniature version of English Bulldog also called a “toy” bulldog.

In the 1860s when craftsmen moved to France, they brought their dogs along with them. They became popular there and were given the name French bulldogs. However, certain experts claim that these dogs were crossbred with Pug and Terrier and that is how we got to today’s French Bulldog. Even when the breed was brought back to England for dog shows the name French Bulldog remained.

Some vintage photos bellow...

So that is about it you need to know. There is nothing to worry about! Just keep these few rules in your mind if you own one of these adorable creatures and everything will be just fine! And don’t forget to walk your little friend today!