First, we need to make one thing clear. Every dog needs some exercise! How much exercise- that depends on the breed, dog’s temper and individual energy level. Some breeds need a serious training in order to stay in shape or be able to serve their specific purpose and other dogs need just a daily walk. It is important to emphasize that all dogs have a natural instinct for walking and they will always enjoy it. It will not only satisfy his natural migrating instinct, but also allow him to spend some quality time with his owner. So, daily walk is a must for any dog! It is not only good for his physical health and shape, but also for maintaining the owner’s authority over the dog. Because the man is holding the leash and the dog usually walks behind him, that way the dog learns that human is the leader and by taking him for a regular walk, you keep his mind balanced about that issue.
Now let us get to French Bulldogs. Since Frenchies are a brachycephalic breed, which means they have a flat face and a short nose, they may have trouble regulating their body temperature effectively. Hot and humid weather is a problem for all canines, but for Frenchies it can be life threatening. They must always be protected from temperature extremes and have access to fresh water and shade. If you think it might be too hot outside for a longer walk or playing with your canine friend, it is always safe to do it early in the morning or when the Sun sets. Since some dogs are full of energy or simply in a great mood for playing and they do not know when to stop on their own, you have to do it for them! Some veterinarians advise that you don’t even walk your Frenchie when the temperature outside is over 70 degrees in Fahrenheit (roughly 21 in a Celsius scale). It is also recommendable that you keep your dog in an air conditioned room during hot weather.

If for some reason your dog is exposed to extreme heat and he has trouble cooling down, the first signs are increased panting and foamy saliva. That means the dog is getting too hot and too stressed. In that case you should immediately put the poor little guy in cool water with a fan running until his body has a chance to cool down.

So that is about it you need to know. There is nothing to worry about! Just keep these few rules in your mind if you own one of these adorable creatures and everything will be just fine! And don’t forget to walk your little friend today!